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What have we done?

1 Apr

It seem to me that the baby boomers have bred imbeciles. Gen X & Y seem to need the minutia of everyday explained to them every day. And if it is not then they will sue someone.

They seem incapable of taking responsibility for their own actions, expect instant gratification and an entitlement to money that they show no interest in earning.

Well the news is that what goes around comes around and they will reap what they sow. Yes, a couple of old adages but they are still in use for a reason.

Compassion, consideration and respect for others is not on their radar because they think I and me and they have none of the above for themselves.

Until the general populace takes responsibility for their actions, big brother will be involved in their every day. If you want big brother to mind his own business then start minding yours!


Social Responsibility

6 Jun

I have just read an article about being subject to the approval and acceptance of others and how it impacts on our behaviour. The view being presented was that we should only care about our own approval, thus freeing us to behave in any way we like.

My problem I see with this is that it would cause the breakdown of society. It would mean that we no longer follow the law, nor do we care about others rights or feelings. It really seems to be promoting anarchy.

While I have no problem with people having fun, being true to themselves and even being a bit out of the square, there are consequences. Hurting someone else in order to do these things, whether physically or emotionally is not going to make you feel better. In fact, it will likely make you feel worse. Not because you take responsibility for the hurt but because it did not bring you the joy you expected.

If you feel you are behaving in a way that is not true to yourself and this is because of others expectations, the solution is to explain to those persons why that is so and that you will no longer be doing that and intend no disrespect to them. It is then their responsibility for how they feel and you are free of that behaviour.

We all have a responsibility, if we choose to live among people, to behave in a way that fits society expectation. If you wish to live otherwise, find a hut deep in the bush and there do whatever you like.