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28 Jul

There have been a couple of new additions to our family recently. They are my brothers grandchildren. As a midwife listening to the problems they are having with breastfeeding I find it frustrating that they are getting poor advice and hampered because they are not seeking my advice. I have no intention of giving unsolicited advice. One of them did talk to me when the baby was two weeks old. She was struggling because baby number two was not the perfect baby like number one. After some chat my conclusion was that mum’s let down was too much for baby. The symptoms were; feeding for no more than 10 minutes then 15-20 minutes later wanting another feed and lots of agitation due to wind. The fast let down is like sculling a glass of water and feeling full, thus not wanting anymore, only you are not full. Mum was getting only 2-3 hours between feeds especially at night which is hard to deal with. The solution is easy, posture feeding ie, Mum lies back and the baby is higher than the nipple thus having to work for the feed, taking an adequate amount at the feed and sleeping longer.
The other one, who I would be surprised to hear from, has a problem with sore nipples. The advice she was given was to express and bottle which I find annoying because it is more work that formula feeding and double the work of breastfeeding. She has also been told to feed every four hours. The baby is a normal healthy one and quite able to demand feed. My advice for the sore nipples is ice, apply before the feed and attach the baby. By the time the nipples warm up the baby is properly attached and it no longer hurts. This problem is more common with a caesarian delivery because Mum has a sore tummy and positioning is more difficult and midwives do not have the time to spend assisting with or even learning about breastfeeding. I could even help with these on Skype. It is not rocket science but some skill is of benefit.



18 Aug

Well, I will not tell a lie. I have been feeling a little under the weather this week. I have told about my tummy bug, still affecting my appetite, what I also have is a sore throat. I have told you how I dose up on garlic to avoid colds and flu and have increased it this week. There is another secret weapon I have, that is tonsils.

Yes, I still have mine and I credit them with halting these viruses when they take hold. I believe my tonsils stop a head cold from becoming a chest infection. Yes, I have a bit of a sore throat and ear ache and feel the cold more than usual but I am not bedridden with it.

As everyone should know, the best treatment for the flu is to take to your bed for the duration of the aches and pains. Lots of fluids, keep warm and feel free to indulge in drugs that make you feel better. Do NOT go out to work, shop or party as this just spreads it around.

Now, I have taken whisky to make my throat feel better, medicinal purposes only. It has worked too, unlike the cold rainy weather that sent me seeking something that warms me through.

It is interesting though that this morning I was feeling like pizza for dinner, even looking forward to it. Now as that time approaches, I find I don’t have the appetite for it. I think it will be chicken soup and toast again.

I look forward to feeling like my normal self again, though happy to keep the poor appetite, and am sure it will not take long to recover as that is how I am. Thank you Mum too, for breastfeeding.