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What have we done?

1 Apr

It seem to me that the baby boomers have bred imbeciles. Gen X & Y seem to need the minutia of everyday explained to them every day. And if it is not then they will sue someone.

They seem incapable of taking responsibility for their own actions, expect instant gratification and an entitlement to money that they show no interest in earning.

Well the news is that what goes around comes around and they will reap what they sow. Yes, a couple of old adages but they are still in use for a reason.

Compassion, consideration and respect for others is not on their radar because they think I and me and they have none of the above for themselves.

Until the general populace takes responsibility for their actions, big brother will be involved in their every day. If you want big brother to mind his own business then start minding yours!



29 Sep

So, everyone is watching the grand final! Or, they are having a party of some kind around it. I enjoy the entertainment they put on but the tv coverage denies us access to that. Why they think those of us who do not go to the game are interested in the minutia of football I do not know. I want to watch the entertainment and have been denied by the broadcaster.

This is not an unusual event. All broadcasters think they can dictate what we see. The internet says this is not so. We will not be censored.

I want all television broadcasters who think they can control what we see, they do not understand this age of communication. If they are not telling me the news I want to hear then I am searching the internet for it.

This is actually a regular event as the broadcasters try to get us to buy into pay TV. I am a great supporter of FREE TV. Because of this I will protect my right to access free information on television and protest the loss of many events to pay TV. Why should I have to pay for access to events that I have paid taxes to support.

If my taxes are not enough to entitle my access then I deny the right of my taxes to pay  for support of these events.

friend poor

20 Sep

I have been looking into another volunteering role and am now wondering if my rolling stone lifestyle is going to prevent me from it. They are asking for three references that meet five criteria, I cannot give them one.

I was a nurse and in the last two jobs I had I found I did not like nurses. They are not nice to each other and so I decided I did not want to do it anymore. Also, because of this I have not kept in touch with any nurses.

Now, the reference calls for someone who has seen me doing my job and with whom I am still in contact and who is not a relative. There is no one like that in my life, so I am stuck.

I have previously mentioned the difficulties in establishing oneself in a new location and this is another thing that is part of that. Later I will report on the response to this, how it affects my application.


22 Jun

For some time now I have been listening to the ‘experts’ tell us that Australia is in a good economic position and there is no need for us to be nervous about spending. Well it is great for those on six and seven figure salaries to tell us that when they don’t have the experience of struggling to pay the bills.

The haves want the have nots to spend their money. Well, the bills are going up, electricity, gas, food. I hear comments that the real price of food has come down but that has no relevance to the consumer. People are losing their jobs by the hundreds, there is no job security while the bills keep coming in.

Now the government is telling us we are lucky that their new carbon tax is only going to cost us 8% in cost rises for utilities. Aren’t we lucky!!

It is not the time for new taxes and the government must accept this. While they impose further costs on the working people there is no money to spare and I for one am going to keep as much as I can so I can be warm, housed and fed. No new clothes, no luxury items, no household goods, appliances or office wares etc. Strong economy be blowed!

Social Responsibility

6 Jun

I have just read an article about being subject to the approval and acceptance of others and how it impacts on our behaviour. The view being presented was that we should only care about our own approval, thus freeing us to behave in any way we like.

My problem I see with this is that it would cause the breakdown of society. It would mean that we no longer follow the law, nor do we care about others rights or feelings. It really seems to be promoting anarchy.

While I have no problem with people having fun, being true to themselves and even being a bit out of the square, there are consequences. Hurting someone else in order to do these things, whether physically or emotionally is not going to make you feel better. In fact, it will likely make you feel worse. Not because you take responsibility for the hurt but because it did not bring you the joy you expected.

If you feel you are behaving in a way that is not true to yourself and this is because of others expectations, the solution is to explain to those persons why that is so and that you will no longer be doing that and intend no disrespect to them. It is then their responsibility for how they feel and you are free of that behaviour.

We all have a responsibility, if we choose to live among people, to behave in a way that fits society expectation. If you wish to live otherwise, find a hut deep in the bush and there do whatever you like.


30 May

We are all affected by politics but not everyone is interested. It is not necessary to be interested to know the one important fact. Politicians need to be changed OFTEN. In some countries this is compulsory as there is a time limit for being in the position. This is not the case in Australia. If the people are stupid enough to keep voting for one party then we all end up paying the price.

Once a party is in power, they have little interest in doing what they said they would and will give token gestures in the lead up to another election in hope of getting back in power.

It is vital for ALL Australians to understand that if they vote for the sitting government they are going to get more of the same. If you want something different you have to vote for someone different.

Sometimes this is not easy as the other main party fails to stand a candidate in some seats thus removing the choice for those people. I have been in this position and it is quite frustrating.

Why I raise this now is that it has been obvious for some time that our current government is making a mess of this country. We are going into recession, regardless of what everyone is saying. Many large companies are going bust and it seems every day hundreds are losing jobs.

Despite this a poll has come out which says the government is more popular this week!! What I wonder is, who did they ask.

Anyway, it is time for everyone to think about their position and get ready to vote for what you want, the same OR something different!