time poor

12 Jul

I have found myself time poor this week. I know many people experience this most days but it is unusual for me. It was enjoyable too, though I don’t want to do it all the time. What it did show me is the benefit of cooking in quantity. I didn’t have to find time to cook because my meals were in the freezer ready to go.

This is why I  recommend it to you. At some point we want to cook the family a healthy meal. Do it in bulk and you are set for the week. Use the largest pot you have and fill it. Separate it out into daily serves and freeze. Use different amounts if you know there are different numbers to feed on different days.

Some days it has been easier than that because I was out for all meals. This is not something you want to repeat often as it damages the budget but when you are not paying don’t argue huh.

Of course there is a down side to all this eating out and business, it is harder to watch your intake. I get all wrapped up in what is going on and forget that I am eating, suddenly finding that I have eaten that piece of pecan pie! I can’t get into my jeans this week, so am back on my strict regime which excludes alcohol and dessert of any kind.

Also, I did not have my doggy bag with me to take some home for later. This is the best way to not over eat when out I find. Of course this is not acceptable if you are at a private residence. There you just take what you want or leave it on the plate if it is served up. This achieves two things, your host recognises that you do not want so much on your plate and you are not left feeling guilty. Remember, no-one else has the right to tell you how much to eat.


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