11 Jul

This week I have been asked to provide morning tea for a working bee. Something I knew as a basic snack when growing up is scones. They are versatile and simple at the same time.

Plain scones are just 2 cups SR flour, pinch of salt and 3/4 – 1 cup warm milk to make a dough. They are best if hand mixed, not over mixed and lightly kneaded. Then press out to about 1″ thick and cut into squares. Baste with a little milk to give a glossy finish. Bake about 10 mins in hot oven.

They can be topped with anything really, cheese, vegemite, jam, they all need a spread first though, whether butter or philly cheese or anything else you think of.

Additions can be made just as you would for muffins. Make savoury ones with bacon bits, grated cheese etc.

Sweet scones have a few more ingredients. Cream a piece of butter and 1/2 cup sugar, add 1 beaten egg. Slowly add 3 cups sifted SR flour and 1tsp salt and enough milk to make a dough. Then add 1/2 cup currants or chopped dates. Bake as above. These are the ones that go with jam and cream, mmmm.

This is something cheap and easy for the kids school events or anything else where you are asked to provide something to share. There are no allergy risks and gluten free flour is easy to get. If it is to be a healthy snack, use wholemeal flour and bicarb soda.

They will be best if you use full cream milk but will also work if you have to use low fat.

If you use a Tupperware baking sheet then no greasing of trays is necessary and you can even use it to roll out your dough to save clean up.


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