5 Jul

This is a great time of year for stews and casseroles. It is the middle of winter and they are great warming foods that make us feel cosy. The only difference between them is that stews are cooked on the stove while casseroles are cooked in the oven. I prefer casseroles as the longer, slower cooking seems to deepen the flavour.

Casserole is one of the easiest dishes possible. Pick your ingredients, cut them into cubes, throw them into the pot, add some bits for flavour and cook for an hour or two.

Choose your meat or chicken, even chops, roughly cut into 1″ cubes; small chops are fine and chicken pieces with bones too. Chop up an onion, potato, carrot etc. Put it all in an oven proof dish, add liquid; stock, water and stock cubes, some wine if you like.

Then some herbs, fresh is better, parsley, thyme, sage. Also tomato paste & garlic. Stir through 2-3 tabs flour to thicken the gravy, some like to coat the meat but it is not necessary.

For a different flavour add apple or pineapple and use fruit juice instead of water. Some apricot syrup with chicken is an easy way to make apricot chicken and you will seem like an expert.

Put the lid on and place in moderate oven, 180C. Cook for 1-11/2 hours. For a crispy finish add grated cheese for last 15 minutes with lid off.

It is a meal on its own or add greens like broccoli, beans or brussel sprouts.

I feel warmer just thinking about it. I hope it warms you too.


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