22 Jun

For some time now I have been listening to the ‘experts’ tell us that Australia is in a good economic position and there is no need for us to be nervous about spending. Well it is great for those on six and seven figure salaries to tell us that when they don’t have the experience of struggling to pay the bills.

The haves want the have nots to spend their money. Well, the bills are going up, electricity, gas, food. I hear comments that the real price of food has come down but that has no relevance to the consumer. People are losing their jobs by the hundreds, there is no job security while the bills keep coming in.

Now the government is telling us we are lucky that their new carbon tax is only going to cost us 8% in cost rises for utilities. Aren’t we lucky!!

It is not the time for new taxes and the government must accept this. While they impose further costs on the working people there is no money to spare and I for one am going to keep as much as I can so I can be warm, housed and fed. No new clothes, no luxury items, no household goods, appliances or office wares etc. Strong economy be blowed!


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