Settled (at last)

18 Jun

It is now a year since I moved into my new home back among the family. I am still delighted to be here. I am having a couple of champagnes to remember it and why I am here.

I gave up a well paying job to move back here and have not worked since. My time has been spent doing work around my new home and participating in family activities.

Recently I have joined the Lions club and am volunteering at the library in an effort to participate in community. Most people do not realise how difficult it is to fit into a new community and meet people. I do not have children so have no connection with a school, I am not working so have no colleagues to ease me into it and am not playing sport. It is quite isolating and is just as well I enjoy my solitude.

I will continue to be patient because you have to earn your place in a community and I am trying to do that but it will not happen quickly. At some point they will respect me for myself and not just for who my family are. Only then will the invitations start to come, that is when you know you are part of community life.


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