7 Jun

It is interesting how things come to ones attention. It seems at times I speak before I have really thought it through. Some time after I have commented I realise I either misinterpreted or misunderstood what was said. Therefore, I say now, if anyone reading this is adversely affected in any way by my comments, I am sorry. I didn’t mean it.

While I find it enervating to air my views here it is important to show respect for my readers and not say anything offensive. I am not saying that I will be politically correct, I don’t really believe in that as it hampers real debate but I hope I can express my views in a conversational manner that allows for alternate views to also be expressed.

I am more often wrong than right, something I am able to acknowledge these days but I still have the right to my views and I started this blog to allow me to express them. In doing this I am able to relate to my family a lot better because I no longer have this stuff bottled up inside me. Conversation was not encouraged when I was a child but I guess I got that from Mum and what the boys got from Dad was different.

There was a time when I seemed to be angry always. This was particularly bad when I was working as the environment was so hostile with horizontal violence of an extraordinary level. It was a relief to leave and I have no desire to go back to such a place. I am calm most of the time now. It is wonderful to be able to keep my head while all around are losing theirs… It also means I am kinder and more respectful of others views and that is what I want to be.


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