30 May

We are all affected by politics but not everyone is interested. It is not necessary to be interested to know the one important fact. Politicians need to be changed OFTEN. In some countries this is compulsory as there is a time limit for being in the position. This is not the case in Australia. If the people are stupid enough to keep voting for one party then we all end up paying the price.

Once a party is in power, they have little interest in doing what they said they would and will give token gestures in the lead up to another election in hope of getting back in power.

It is vital for ALL Australians to understand that if they vote for the sitting government they are going to get more of the same. If you want something different you have to vote for someone different.

Sometimes this is not easy as the other main party fails to stand a candidate in some seats thus removing the choice for those people. I have been in this position and it is quite frustrating.

Why I raise this now is that it has been obvious for some time that our current government is making a mess of this country. We are going into recession, regardless of what everyone is saying. Many large companies are going bust and it seems every day hundreds are losing jobs.

Despite this a poll has come out which says the government is more popular this week!! What I wonder is, who did they ask.

Anyway, it is time for everyone to think about their position and get ready to vote for what you want, the same OR something different!


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