29 May

I am of an age now that I am very aware of death. My parents are attending funerals as a regular social outing now. Some of these funerals are for parents of the people I grew up with. This is often the only time I see these people as we are not friends but acquaintances.

I went to one of these funerals last week, they are reunions of the only kind we get to have with these people we grew up with. It is good to see these people, how they have changed or not and share memories of childhood. It was a simple cheerful service too.

When I see the people who come from my childhood I am always reminded of those times and the fun we used to have.

I have thought about my own death, how it is to be paid for, where my ashes will go, will anyone come if there is a ceremony? This obviously depends on who of my parents and siblings survive me. As a single and currently without real friends I don’t expect many to attend although many more could out of respect for my parents who are held in high esteem in the community. I need to have it organised before I go so that no-one has to worry about it.

It is a reminder to have the will organised too, must get to that soon. Meanwhile I am enjoying being on earth.


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