28 May

It was my birthday this week. I had some new experiences to deal with. I was  told I get to choose the food for my birthday dinner. I always get to eat what I want anyway so have asked for stuff I think I might feel like having. I found it really difficult because I don’t enjoy food the way I used to.

This year the doctor told me to get my blood pressure down or he would prescribe medication. So, I lost 5kg and got my BP back to normal. Then it was a high cholesterol and I have rejigged my diet again. Now I don’t get the same  enjoyment out of my so called “favourite” foods. I have concluded it is because I have controlled my insulin secretion and thus have reduced desire for sweet food.

I would like to share this secret with everyone who has a sweet tooth. There is no need to spend a fortune on diet aids, just eat fresh and half as much.

On my birthday ate foods that I don’t usually eat because that is what we do for birthdays and Christmas. I did have a glass or two of champagne. It is one thing I do still enjoy.

Then there are the after effects. All that rich food gave me strange dreams. And now I have to get back on to my usual diet to control my weight and cholesterol. There are way to many parties on at the moment but it is easy to control what you eat at buffets or BBQ’s.

So, it is okay to indulge for that special occasion as long as you get straight back on the wagon. I feel good about food these days.


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