Cost of living

25 May

Should electricity be an essential service. With the high costs of just having it connected should the first 5kW or so be free so that everyone can be warm in winter? Many go without heat or lights because it is unaffordable. Is this right? Water is going the same way. How will our hospitals cope when people are being admitted for dehydration related conditions just because they cannot afford water?

The world is going mad for money. Everything else is being sacrificed on the alter of cash. What about community? What about generosity of spirit? What about just doing something because it is the right thing to do?

I appreciate what it means to have enough to live on but now everyone is just greedy. Why do companies have to make multi million dollar profits? Why do banks slug the customer with excessive interest rates in order to pay their bosses multi million dollar salaries? Who needs to make multiple millions per year? What are you doing with it?

Australia now has the richest woman in the world. I doubt she understands  what it is like to go without. She was born into it, inherited the machine that makes it for her. What does she do with it? It certainly has not bought her happiness and from seeing her picture I doubt it has brought her good health. It is rumoured that she makes $1M per day. If she gave away one day of income each week, what a difference it would make to thousands while she would not even notice its lack.

What would the Salvos do with an extra $1M each week? They are the kind of people we should be aspiring to be. Those whose goal is to help others, who do not aspire to material wealth. After all, regardless of who you are, you cannot take it with you and while hoping to help family there is only so much that helps, the rest is just window dressing.

So how do we get back to basics? When I was a child, people played sport for the fun of it, not to make money. It was volunteers who ran these things. Many sporting clubs no longer survive because no-one is willing to give their time to help out. We are teaching our young materialism when it should be altruism. There is nothing wrong with formal education but what about life education. Caring is almost a swear word these days.

My motto is “Pay it Forward”. Appreciate that someone has done something nice for you, then go and do something nice for someone else. If nothing else I can give a smile for free and cheer someone up.


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