Differences between men and women

22 May

A new program has apeared on tv. It is an Australian show and has a previously unseen location which alone makes it interesting. The other difference in this show is the very different story line. It is enough to keep me watching for now and is a long way ahead of any of those “reality” shows.

What I did observe this week was the interaction of two of the characters that very clearly showed the different ways that men and women think. Just in the way he wanted to do something compared to the way she wanted it done. She ended up frustrated while he just laughed at her and carried on the same.

I see this behaviour every day and it is one of the reasons why I am contentedly single. I can smile at it now because I know I have avoided having to deal with it. I can go home and do things as I want them done while my family have to deal with the men doing it their way.

Men are not able to do just what a woman asks them to do, they have to add or change something because they think they have a better idea or know a better way. Often they won’t even listen to a woman’s opinion because they are thinking “what do they know about it” and so cannot hear it.

Equality is a long way off while these thoughts persist. Women are still expected to look after the food too, unless it is a barbecue which they are incapable of doing.

I have been able to see the different way men think for a while now but have yet to come up with a solution for it. Mars and Venus are still ruling things.


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