21 May

Getting the information I want from tradesmen is so difficult. Just to find out roughly how much something will cost me. You ring for a quote and they want your name and contact details, someone will come around to quote. Well, I want to know before they come if it is worth getting a quote. Why can’t they just give me a minimum starting point so I can say don’t bother, I can’t afford it.

If they want my business, they will give me what I ask for over the phone. I am not going to sit around waiting for them to call me back. My time is as important as theirs. I am not going to sit around for them to come give me a quote if I can’t afford it either. Stale mate.

I end up with a DIY job then, like the one I am trying to replace.

I am not saying all tradies are like this, I have had many good experiences with great service. It is just a few who soil the name of the many.

Ok, they called me back and I asked for a formal quote, he was supposed to ring me the next day…nothing. Do they not want business. Word of mouth is the best advertising you can get OR the worst, so do what you say you will do.


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