lottery winners

20 May

Recently a lottery had the largest ever prize in Australia. My brother said how great it would be to win it. Another brother and I agreed that it would be a burden rather than a blessing.

It is a lot of money and needs to be managed. Many lottery winners find their lives in ruins because everyone else expects to benefit from it. They can find themselves worse off than before, having spent or given it all away and having lost friends and family relationships along the way.

To benefit from such unexpected fortune good advice is required and the knowledge to find it and cull out the spin doctors. I have no formal training in money management but my father involved me in the farm accounts and taught me good money management skills. I have invested in property and have been able to leave a job I hated without having to go to another. I am waiting to find something that I would enjoy.

I thought about this large lottery amount and what I would do with it. I even researched resources that would aid me in managing it. I came up with a couple of options and there are many others, limited only by the imagination of the winner.

For $20000 per year I would manage someone’s winnings. The benefits of this would be that they would have a regular income, they would consult me if they wanted a lump sum for any reason, so anyone asking them for money would have to explain the reason to me and why the owner should provide it. I would not be able to do anything with it that the owner did not approve of and they would be able to do all the things that they wished they could.

This would make their money secure and also their relationships.

I am willing to discuss the issue without any agreement or obligation.


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