19 May

Many people have a passion for something, whether it be animals, climate, knitting or collecting. There are lots of thing to be passionate about. My problem is I don’t have a passion. I into fads. I find something I like and pursue it for a while, then get bored and leave it.

I have tried calligraphy, sewing, knitting, real estate, golf, travel, wine, yoga and the list goes on. Plenty capture my attention, seems like a good idea, but fails to hold my attention. Why?

Many of these things I have tried in an effort to connect with people. I just can’t make the connection. People talk around me about the things they are doing together, places they are going together but I am never invited to join in. I feel invisible at these times. It kills my passion.

It is like dream takers. I was at a talk last night. He talked about passion, dreams and those who want to deny us those things. Well I know a lot of dream takers and not many supporters. All my life I have heard “don’t do it”. Sometimes they were right but often they were wrong.

Surround yourself with positive thinking people who will at the very least not get in the way of your dream. Stay away from the nay sayers, dream stealers, who don’t want anyone else to have what they are to scared to go for.

I hope to soon find people I can connect with, who understand that I just want to be me, do what interests me, take my chances without blocking others. This is my dream.


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