Las Vegas Investment Properties

16 May

Many years ago (2004) I was convinced to invest some money with a group of Australians to buy property in Las Vegas. They couldn’t follow through on the deal and moved our money around finally putting it into a dud deal. What they should have done was return it to us but that would have meant they could not pocket it.

That money, on paper at least, is still in a place where we cannot write it off nor can we get it back. Once again something to stir my blood pressure.

Now we learn that these people are looking for more Australians to rip off in a similar deal. If any Australians are thinking about this and are reading my post. Do not give any money to Dave Lovegrove, Gene Burns or any of their friends.

And if you think it is secure because Dolf de Roos is associated then you are wrong, that is what we thought too. It didn’t help. We will never see our money because it was spent by a group who have no interest in getting it back for us. Stay away from these people or you will lose.


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